Warm up this Winter!

Warm up for Winter

Here are some of my favourite tips to stay well and warm up this winter!


1. Eat for the seasons


So much food is imported these days. We forget what eating for the seasons is all about! Apples, oranges, lemons and limes are all in season now. What a perfect way to boost your Vitamin C at the moment! Beetroot, carrots, leeks, potatoes, onions and parsley are also in season and soups are a must in Winter! Check out the link to one of my favourite soup recipes!


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2. Warm up your muscles


Our muscles are cold in the winter! This leaves them pretty stiff and tight! To avoid injuries, aches and pains, make sure you take time to warm up in the mornings. Wake up five minutes earlier and enjoy doing a morning stretch!


3. Keep your regular adjustments


Chiropractic care aims at keeping the stress off your spine and body! The healthier you are, the more your body can focus it’s energy on your immune system and keeping you well in these colder months!


Can’t wait to see you at your next visit!