Tamsyn goes to Africa!

tam adjust

On the 26th September 2016…

I’m going volunteering in Africa

I will be away for four weeks and the beautiful Kate Adler will be working at Wellness Within during this period. Kate has been been in practice for seven years and has always had a strong focus on wellness and family based Chiropractic Care. I have chosen Kate carefully for the practice and feel very comfortable having her take care of all of you while I am away.


I will be volunteering as a Chiropractor in Malawi with two other Chiropractors. Malawi is one of the poorest parts of Africa and has very limited access to health care and no access to Chiropractic Care. I’m excited to try make as much of a difference as I can over the four weeks!


Many of you have been very kind in offering donations for me to take and I’m sure the people of Malawi will be overwhelmed with your generosity! If you would like more details as to how you can help, please give us a call and Mandy can help guide you in how you can be a part of the change!


Much love and look forward to seeing you all before I leave or upon my return!


Kate’s Hours 26th September to the 24th October 2016

MON 8 am- 11 am 3-7 pm
WED 2.30 – 7 pm