Do what makes you happy.

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Do you know what the most important things are in your life?
Would knowing what they are make you happier? Let’s find out…


Before you try to figure out what your values are, it is probably important to understand what values are. Values are the things, that you believe are important in your life. They help you prioritise what is most important and probably help you make many of your decisions.


Most of us are at our happiest when we are behaving and making decisions that are aligned with the values, that we deem important. When we aren’t doing this, we can find ourselves in a state of feeling out of balance, or that something just feels “off”.


For many of you, your health and quality of life, probably sits quite high up in your values list. Wouldn’t it be easier to take a pain killer, rather than investing time and money in seeing a Chiropractor? Most of you have made a decision for your long term health, by trying to get to the root case of your pain or health issue. For others, you simply choose Chiropractic care as a way of increasing your quality of life and function.


My favourite way of determining values, is by using John Demartini’s value determination system. This questionnaire will help guide you, in understanding what the most important things to you are. This can help you become clearer in your priorities and keep you on track for being the happiest, most congruent version of yourself.


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Have fun and I cannot wait to here what you top values are!

Tamsyn xx