Declutter your way towards minimalism!


Declutter your way towards minimalism!

I often notice around this time of year, everyone is busy at home. Whether it’s clearing out cluttered wardrobes, tidying up your garden, cleaning out the forgotten corners of your kitchen, one way or another you have probably started to declutter!
Living a simpler, minimalistic life is something I have been working towards over the past year, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite tips.


1. Stay motivated by keeping it fun.


Not many people really like cleaning, so when it comes to clearing out a space, I like to try create a nice environment. Putting on my favourite music, having snacks or a coffee to enjoy while I work and setting aside a few hours at a time so I don’t feel rushed, all help me enjoy the task more.


2. Use the four box method.


Next time you have a room to declutter, start with four boxes. The boxes are for: trash, donate, keep and relocate. The trick to this is, that no item can be skipped and each item should be carefully considered. Is it something you really use, need to or like? Or are you simply keeping it “in case”? This is what minimalism is all about, being more thoughtful about what we own. You might be surprised how much stuff you can happily donate.


3. Stay clutter free.


Being more mindful about the new things you purchase and the things that enter your home can help this. Thinking before we buy new stuff helps reduce the risks of owning things for a short time and throwing them out. Also, throwing out or recycling things like empty containers, as soon as they are done, or mail that has been read can help too!


Hope the tips that helped me, help you.


Good luck on your Spring cleaning and take care of your spine while you’re busy at work! Here’s some inspiration if you would like to learn more about minimalism:

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Tamsyn xx